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Welcome to the homepage of Jane Burrell and Phil Wood

This website is in its infancy and how it will develop is as much a mystery to us as it is to you. We hope it will provide interest for our friends and help to all with similar interests.

The Family and Local History Resources section will be slowly populated with information that will, we hope, prove very useful to those researching in areas where we have developed expertise or knowledge during the course of our own researches.

Some insight into our own family history researches may be found through the Family Histories link. Please feel free to use any information found that fits into your own tree - but please be aware that all family trees to be found on the internet are totally wrong until proved otherwise. Ours are no exception - please don't blindly accept our work as gospel, check it before you add it to your tree. And please, please, contact us and tell us where we have gone wrong.