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I was born to the normal number of parents; an English father whose ancestors rarely emigrated more than a few miles and whose roots were firmly rooted in northwest Buckinghamshire and northeast Oxfordshire; and a mother who was born in Argentina and brought up in the Buckinghamshire countryside but whose parents were both born in Scotland. This Anglo-Scots divide separates the tree very neatly.

I do not intend to set out my entire genealogy in these pages, I prefer to restrict genealogy to those awkward bits of the family tree, the places where it takes more than a quick check of a census record or a parish register to resolve. I will also try to set out why I believe certain links or relationships are as I put them. Too many online genealogies simply list a tree with no indication of the validity of the linkages - and, like a chain, the strength of a genealogy is measured by the weakest link.

Using the links to the right you can follow certain aspects of my research. These pages are intended to be used to share specific aspects of my research, usually involving archive material that I have easier access to than most (especially on the English side). Extra information will appear from time to time - this will often be caused by a debate with other researchers where I feel the need to document and illustrate my point.

Ongoing research into the various 'brickwalls' discovered in my research will also appear here. This will, I hope, enable interaction with other researchers and, perhaps, chip away at the problem until the brickwall tumbles.