Newbury, Berkshire, UK - a small bibliography of local books

  Title                                                             Author                         Date                            Publisher

  A Catalogue of Strolling Companies, The Ongoing        Paul Ranger                     1990                             Newbury District Museum

  A Directory of Newbury Photographers                   P Cannon                        1997                             Newbury District Museum

  A History of Berkshire                                        Judith Hunter                   1995                             Phillimore

  A History of Sandleford Priory                              Evelyn Elizabeth Priors       1931                             Newbury District Field

  A Hundred Years, The Story of Newbury Independent H J Midwinter                 1901                             Blacket

  A Newbury Childhood                                        Joan Booker                    1982                             Berkshire County Council

  A Popular History of Newbury                              W Money                       1905                             Blacket

  Batholomew Street, Newbury                                Alan G Vince                   1980                             Newbury District Museum

  Beef Bacon and Bag Pudding, Old Berkshire in the        David Disbury                 1998                             Timescape Publishing

  Berkshire Machine Breakers`                                 Jill Chambers                   1999                             Jill Chambers

  Borough of Newbury, The Official Guide, 10th Ed       R Neville Hadcock             1968

  Borough of Newbury, The Official Guide, 11th Ed,       R Neville Hadcock

  Britain in Old Photographs - Newbury                     Peter Allen                      1995                             Alan Sutton Publishing /

  Domesday Book, Berkshire                                   John Morris (ed)               1979                             Phillimore

  'Down the City' or 'Taproom Tales'                         Michael H Lewis               2001

  Going With the Grain - The Story of Doltons              Penelope Stokes                1992

  Here in Newbury in the Second World War                Frances M Berry               1999                             Frances M Berry

  History of Newbury (reprint 1905 Popular History)     Walter Money                  1972                             Newbury Bookshop

  History of St John's Church and Parish Newbury         Robert L Gibbs                 1983

  History of St John's Church and Parish Newbury         Robert L Gibbs                 1990

  Jack of Newbury                                               V F M Garlick                                                     V F M Garlick

  John Kendrick of Reading and His Benfactions            Ernest W Dormer              1927                             Poynds & Son

  John Winchcombe, Kack of Newbury                       Julie Goddard                   1996                             Julie Goddard

  Mayor Making and Being Mayor                            Frances M Berry               2003                             Frances M Berry

  Memories of Newbury                                                                           1999                             True North Books

  Memories of the Newbury Bench                           D H Barton                     1985

  Newbury - The Borough Charter of 1596                  Newbury District Museum  1996                             Newbury District Museum

  Newbury 1900                                                  J W Righton                    1981                             Lovell Baines Print Ltd

  Newbury Buildings Past and Present                        The Borough Museum        1973                             The Borough Museum

  Newbury Charities and Gifts                                 V F M Garlick                  1972                             V F M Garlick

  Newbury in the 1890s                                         Penelope Stokes                1995                             Blacket Turner & Co Ltd

  Newbury in the 1950s                                         Tony Higgott                   2004                             Countryside Books

  Newbury Roundabout                                         The Creative History          1989                             The Creative History

  Newbury Roundabout II                                      The Creative History          1991                             The Creative History

  Newbury Then and Now                                      Sue Hopson                     1988                             Goldwell Publishing

  Newbury, A Photographic Record, Revised Edition      Sue Hopson                     1995                             Goldwell Publishing

  No Apology is Needed, The Story of the Newbury       Penelope Stokes                1992                             Blackett Turner & Co. Ltd

  Notes on Newbury Baptists                                  W J Lewendon                 1940                             G W Simpson & Son

  Only Just, A History of the A34 Newbury Bypass      Gordon Rollison               1997                             Gordon Rollison

  Some Events in the History of Newbury Council

  Talking About Newbury - A Brief History                Helen Purvis                    1988                             M D Weideli

  The "City" Newbury                                          Ceciliam Millson et al         1992                             Littlefield Publishing

  The Berkshire Weather Book                                 Ian Currie, Mark Davison     1994                             Froglets Publications

  The Bombing of Newbury                                    Bryan Philpott                 1989                             Pegasus Publications

  The Golf Courses of Newbury and Crookham             Brian Bowness                 1996                             Grant & Hobbs

  The History of Newbury                                     W Money                       1887                             Parker & Co

  The History of Sandleford Priory                            C S Hay                         1981                             Newbury District Field

  The Newbury Martyrs                                                                           1905                             W Thompson

  The Newbury Region, Being a Report on the result of    Prof H J Fleure et al           1917

  The Newbury Scrapbook                                     V F M Garlick                  1970

  The Place Names of Berkshire Pt 1, English Place         Margaret Gelling               1973                             Cambridge University

  The Place Names of Berkshire Pt 2, English Place         Margaret Gelling               1973                             Cambridge University

  The Place Names of Berkshire Pt 3, English Place         Margaret Gelling               1973                             Cambridge University

  The Postal History of Newbury                             G H R Homer-Woof

  The Sixpenny Album of Newbury Views                                                      c1900                            W J Blacket

  The Story of Newbury                                        R Neville Hadcock             1979                             Countryside Books

  The Story of Newbury                                        R Neville Hadcock &          1990                             Countryside Books

  The Story of Newbury                                        Tony Higgott                   2001                             Countryside Books

  The Story of Newbury Race Course                        Frank Osgood                  1993                             Kingsclere Publications

  Thy Chartered Freemen, A brief history of the growth   Joan Booker                    1990                             Newbury Methodist

  Townsends Solicitors, Swindon and Newbury. From     Graham Young                 1996

  Transactions of the Newbury District Field Club vol     various                           1998                             Newbury District Field

  Transactions of the Newbury District Field Club. Vol    various                           1875                             Newbury District Field

  Transactions of the Newbury District Field Club. Vol    various                           1953                             Newbury District Field

  Wisdom is Strength, A History of Newbury Girl's        Val Pollitt                       2004                             MRM Associates

  Working Waterway: The Kennet & Avon Canal           West Berkshire Heritage      1999                             West Berkshire Heritage